Studio Solutions

From Basic to Professional, we can make it easy and affordable for you to create video content and expand your business.

The Streetwise Studios team offers years of expertise and we can custom build a solution made just for you!


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What Comes in a Streetwise Studio?

Streetwise studios are designed to give each individual customer the best tools to create the type of Video Content they need. From just a camera, lights, and microphone to a completely dynamic and professional Studio Space. Call us today and one of our talented directors will discuss your needs and suggest the best solutions for you. 


We are constantly testing cameras and lenses to find the most affordable and capable solutions available. We then make sure that the camera is set up to give our clients the best results possible. 

There is no single "Best Ever" configuration for a camera... (No matter what the YouTube experts say!) Our experienced videographers make sure all the options you need are custom selected.


Lighting is the game-changer for professional-looking video, but it has to be done right! Our lighting directors will suggest a lighting scheme based on your needs. 

Once everything is perfect we will set the Light Kit op on a remote control so that in a click it is on and ready to go!

From Basic to Film Quality, Streetwise will Light Your Way to Professional Video.


Audio is often the most recognizable flaw in poor quality Online Video.  Your Streetwise Studio comes with professional microphones that make sure the audio is clean and clear.​


Whether your situation calls for a boom mic, lavalier mics, or a combination of solutions, Streetwise will make sure your message is heard by your Customers and Audience.


From custom vinyl backdrops to green screen magic, Streetwise can help you make an environment that looks professional and dynamic. 

We have a wide selection of adhesive 3D printed tiles and textures as well as the traditional cloth and vinyl hanging backdrops.

We will make sure your studio is a unique and branded environment that your audience will love.