Why use a Turn-Key Green Screen studio for your YouTube channel?

I’m sure you have seen it before… You’re watching a person on YouTube explaining a product or service, or even giving a lecture in an expansive looking studio or office. These days, more than likely it is someone sitting in front of a green screen, with a decent camera and professional lighting.

“We all know that YouTube is the key to today’s marketing strategy, so why haven’t you taken advantage of this growing and powerful tool?”

Perhaps you feel that your office space is not impressive looking for video production. Streetwise Studios can provide you with a complete, professional quality, turn-key green screen solution. With one remote control, you switch on all the lights, with your cell phone you control the camera and you simply switch on the professional microphone. We will determine the most strategic placement for the lights, green screen, and camera, and perform several tests to make sure you look and sound your best. Now you can film unlimited video and upload them onto our server. We do all the editing and green screen compositing, including your logo, lower third text, music, graphics and other elements that support your message.

Especially during this pandemic, YouTube has grown exponentially. More and more entrepreneurs are realizing the power and cost effectiveness of a constantly growing YouTube channel. But how can someone with absolutely no video and editing knowledge tap into this opportunity of free marketing distribution?

Streetwise Studios is here to help entrepreneurs leverage this powerful marketing tool. We research the best equipment for the lowest prices. We can order them for you or just set up the studio, once your gear arrives. We do all the editing and graphics for you and can even assist you with the uploading process onto your YouTube channel, that includes keywords, descriptions and tags. Our editors have many years of experience in film and video production.

Select from one of our subscriptions and you can simply shoot raw video and we do the rest!

Call or email us and let us design a green screen package fits best for you.

Office: (602) 357-7460 mail: info@streetwisestudios.com

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