Why is a professional YouTube channel the key to my success?

Not that long ago, TV commercials were the way to sell your product or service. The way companies got in front of a large audience. The concept was simple. Pay a lot of money for the production of one commercial, then pay even more to buy airtime with the hope that you get sales.

A lot has changed in just a few years. Now companies are placing their products and services on YouTube without spending a dime on distribution. TV commercials are regarded as a thing of the past for most. But, are these companies taking their YouTube video channel seriously enough?

Frequency, production quality and message is now key when it comes to success, because that is the new way companies leverage YouTube marketing strategies. A few sporadic videos on your YouTube channel simply won't do the trick. Frequency, consistency and relevance are the words to keep in mind while building a successful channel and growing your business.

Let's talk about frequency. The more you upload a video featuring your product or service, the more likely it is that someone will find it. But frequency also means that you have a powerful tool at your disposal. This tool is the Google which also happens to own YouTube.

The next term we mentioned was consistency. "Is my message in line with what I sell?" "Will my audience instantly recognize that the video belongs to my company or is it inconsistent in terms of look and content?" Streetwise Studios will make sure that all your videos are consistent in terms of look, branding and quality.

The final step is to look at relevancy. Are you giving your audience what they are looking for and what they can use, while enjoying watching it? Put yourself in the shoes of your potential client and engage with them. During the video, ask them to like your video and subscribe.

Different than a TV commercial, on YouTube you want to talk to your audience as a friend or peer. Often the most successful YouTube channels are those that have a host that talks to the viewers directly, comes straight to the point, has knowledge about the subject and is somewhat likable.

Finally we help you leverage social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Linking the your YouTube channel to these audiences is the final step in bringing your product or service to the world.

At Streetwise Studios we get you up and running with affordable equipment that allows you to produce professional content without training. Every time you shoot a video (or several during one sitting), just upload it onto our servers and we provide the professional editing and post production that makes your audience see you as a fortune 500 entity. Any company can benefit from the power of building a professional looking YouTube channel. If you don't do it, your competitors surely will!

Give us a call or email us and let us figure out which package fits you best.

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