We assist our clients in creating and growing powerful YouTube channels - From affordable equipment choices and setup to professional editing and YouTube channel management, we are here to help. Our clients have seen as much as 10x more video views using our services.

Ready to market your product or service on YouTube?

"over 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem"

A successful YouTube business channel could mean a fast growing business. Don't disregard the most affordable and effective marketing tool available today! 

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Focus on Search Based Content

If you are an entrepreneur or influencer, you simply can't avoid building and growing a YouTube channel for your business. 

Streetwise Studios can assist with the following steps:

  • Recommending affordable equipment - we don't make money on equipment!

  • Assistance with small studio setup - on location or through video conferencing

  • Video evaluation test - We want to make sure the camera, lighting and audio is correctly setup, so let's do a test together...

  • Professional editing - You just shoot, we do all the editing, including lower thirds, logo and slides.

  • Transcript and Upload - In order to make your video more SEO friendly, we include the transcripts and perform other helpful tools before uploading.

  • Technical support - If you run into issues or need advice, we are here for you!