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 Video Content Creation

At Streetwise Studios, we offer all the necessary video equipment and educational tools to have you produce your own video content such as Video Blogs, or Vlogging for short. From purchasing the right video cameras to studio lighting all the way to the actual studio set up at your facility, we get you up and running to create unlimited video content.

"From selecting the right equipment to setting up a studio space, filming, editing, and uploading the videos on the internet, we are here to help."

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Video Content is Powerful

Everyone is now watching video online, Just ask Joe Rogan or any number of online celebrities. The artificial intelligence used by google now transcribes the audio from your video and uses it in search engine optimization! What does that mean? Online video is now the best way to build your business and website. And with the monetization of YouTube, it is a growing industry that will pay you for your expertise! 


Why should I create Video Content?

Filming your own video content on a consistent basis is now considered the most important marketing tool available to drive traffic to your website and ultimately, to get more clients.

Video Blogging, or Vlogging for short, is the fastest growing marketing tool to create videos, upload them, and have them instantly seen by people who are looking for your products or services. YouTube and other online distribution platforms will do most of the legwork for you, to be seen by those who have an interest in what you do.

How hard is it to create video content such as VLOGS?

It is easier than ever to publish video content such as VLogs on a consistent basis! 
You will need the following to get started:


  1. A space to reserve as a studio

  2. A Turn-Key Studio kit

  3. A computer to download and transfer your video

  4. A media capable website to build your business


Streetwise Studios offers all the above and more. But we have found that clients will still get overwhelmed when it comes to the setup of the equipment (a small space does the trick). That is exactly the reason why our company exists... We install and test the purchased equipment at your place of business (or home)! We also offer editing services and can even assist you with uploading the video content and Vlogs for you.