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Ambunet is a subsidiary of The Ambulance Network concentrating on used ambulance sales to municipalities and to private citizens. Ownership was excited to try to effectively leverage online video to improve their used ambulance sales. Within 3 months of using their Streetwise Studio, they had sold five units exclusively through an online video response, creating an ROI of roughly 420% of the cost of their annual subscription and studio equipment!

The Story of Ambunet

Ambulance Network has been selling emergency response vehicles for over 50 years on the east coast, their business is consistent, and their clients are a solid revenue stream. The problem is that when municipal fleets are traded in, they often purchase used units at lot prices and sight unseen. This left them with a growing and undiscovered used inventory that until recently was mostly a liability as much as an asset. Then with Covid 19 and a paradigm shift in social perspectives, private citizens started turning these used emergency vehicles into tiny houses and Overlanding recreational vehicles.


Ambunet knew that this was an important market, however, they did not know how to tap into it. 

Streetwise Studios was there to guide them to the power of professional-quality online video as well as social media marketing and distribution. This gave them the vehicle they needed to begin to sell and grow an entirely new revenue stream. The results have been outstanding, and they are learning to thrive in this new and growing market.

The Challenge

As with most traditional businesses, Ambunet is not technology savvy. The modern way to market and advertise is online. They needed someone like Streetwise Studios to show them how to build a professional and effective online revenue stream. We built studios and mobile camera rigs as well as editing a polished and impressive corporate video brand. This is a common situation for us, assisting professionals in industries that until 2020 had not even begun to leverage or learn about modern marketing.

Why Streetwise Studios

Here at Streetwise Studios, we have a treasure trove of experience, not only in creative production but in business management, marketing, and organizational planning. We have the skillset to quickly analyze and interpret an organization’s needs and give them a clear path to success with modern online media marketing. Streetwise also helps clientele build procedures that allow them to efficiently add this type of media production to their business process.  In an age where content is king, Streetwise Studios is the best choice for businesses to transition into this modern market.

Our Recommendations

In learning more about the complexities and processes with Ambunet, Streetwise Studios built a list of high-quality but affordable equipment to serve their media production needs. We then had one of our Director Producers fly out to their offices to install and configure their new studios. We then trained them on the secrets of our technical and creative process making shooting effective professional video a breeze.

We helped them build a script outline that is repeatable and successful and then tested everything to make sure it was perfect. Finally, we developed a branded production style that ensures their videos are professional and consistent. In the end, they now enjoy simple and effective tools that keep in constant contact with their customer audience. They are working towards becoming a recognized content expert in the Ambulance RV world and driving more business to Ambunet.

The Results

This is a familiar tale with a solid and effective ending. Choosing Streetwise Studios to help your business make effective, professional online media content is the most cost effecting and powerful way to reach your customers. Whether you are a small entrepreneurial business just starting out or a well-established company looking for the latest tips and tricks to growing and expanding into new markets, Streetwise Studios can help you bridge the gap to effective online media production.


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