Allen Family Medicine is a medical practice located in Mesa Az that like many other smaller Doctor’s offices was unprepared for the sudden shift to telemedicine during the pandemic. They initially looked at Streetwise Studios to assist with Green Screen technology to maximize the professionalism of this strange new experience. But when we coached them on the power of answering their patient’s questions through a weekly online content, the response was overwhelming. Website traffic went up by over 312% and patients felt more comfortable and well-informed hearing their physician discuss the fears and concerns shared by many. This let to higher levels of patient retention and google review ratings.

The Story of Allen Family Medicine

Dr. Allen and his staff of one additional physician and three nurse practitioners has a close knit and thriving practice. Their location in Mesa gave them a wide range of patients from the retirement age communities to families with small children. When Covid 19 hit they found themselves without the technology to effectively execute telemedicine visits. Reaching out to Streetwise Studios they were able to make this transition quickly and effectively.


But that was just the beginning. They soon found out that their assumption that many of their older patients were as technology illiterate as many of the staff and doctors were completely wrong. This led to discussions on how they could better leverage technology to help their patients.

The Opportunity

Streetwise Studios saw immediately that they could help Allen Family Medicine expand and grow their business in this scary modern time. Our technical expertise allowed quick upgrades in cameras and technology for minimal expense. Once that was up and running, we began to analyze other ways the power of online video content could help. Our discussions and interviews with a diverse population of Allen Family patients told us that they all had tried to research online and were getting information from other sources. They expressed a real desire to talk to their own doctor about their concerns. Streetwise Studios began to coach and script video content. Our professional editing and the expertise of the medical providers were a home run for the patients.

Reaching New Goals

Although the original intent was simply professional level telemedicine, the same equipment was then morphed into online video production that created a solid foundation for the growth of the practice. YouTube is by for the most powerful marketing tool in today’s modern world. However, becoming that trusted content expert is often more powerful than just branding and recognition. The transition of Allen Family to the trusted source of information was successful because they were willing to spend the time to shoot raw footage about topics, they had expertise in, and the quantity of the new content encouraged patients to come back to the channel daily or weekly to see what was new.


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